Fresh New Start - MAC

For years every sunday, i said "i ll go to gym and start a life with sports on monday". At last, i just turned that cliche into reality. After years of active sport, I lost that movement for a long time. Extremely unhealthy nutrition, inactivity, constant sitting at the desk caused weight in my body and my head. I was getting pretty bored.

I finally started sparring in a place very close to the workplace. Mars Athletic Club is quite a luxury room, quite cozy and comfortable place. Sure it's a bit expensive for regular ones. Even the bodybuilding department is quite extensive. Extra programs, basketball courts, swimming pools, private lessons are all about having a fairly healthy body besides distracting.

Sports needs to take part in my life, and i'm starting to feel better already. I did not turn into Spartacus in two weeks but it feels good to be back :)

This adventure started at the beginning of March. We will see the result after couple of months.